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What is this website?

HenDaBen.Com is the Official gaming website for HenDaBen. You will find various blogs, gaming content, tech articles and videos here.

This website was officially released online on May 23rd, 2016. The offline version has been running since October 22nd, 2015.

Please note that I haven't optimized this website for mobile yet. Although, it should work on most of the browsers out there.

Login does not currently work, too busy IRL. I will import more files and do bugfixing later.

Free PC games for Steam, Epic Games etc

In 2020 we started to collect free games and jot them down in here. Just claim them before the offers expire!

Europa Universalis II - A 8,39 EUR game for free on GOG Galaxy until October 24th

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - A 15,99 EUR game for free at Epic Games Store until October 22nd

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Featured blog: 100 beginner clues! 15.8.2019

There's been a lot of IRLing lately as I have focused on my job. Althought, as travelling takes time there's been a good place for OSRS. I'm glad Jagex managed to release OSRS Mobile. Let us begin.

This blogpost will be the first one to have my ironman progress in it. Running the 100 clues took me like four weeks. Mostly dropped by moss giants.

My original plan was to keep my ironman locked in free to play only, but I have considered to buy membership after this huge clue hunt.

I have been doing long shifts at construction areas so I haven't been playing on my personal computer. All of the content is created of screenshots while playing on mobile. I will be making a video to combine all the rewards so it is easier to investigate the data. Screenshots will stay here.

98th clue
Mobile OSRS be like

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How to get raytracing in Minecraft without a RTX card?

As most of you know, nvidia is trying everything to make people purchase a RTX card. One of the ways is to create fake and modified images, and then publish them online. Nvidia's latest victim, Minecraft, published a facebook post including a partnership with nvidia. They claim, that only by having a RTX card you can get Minecraft to look fascinating.

As everyone should know, nvidia does not bring gamers real time ray tracing. Their "ray tracing" is path tracing, which is far from real ray tracing. Nvidia makes game developers waste their time on nvidia's useless ray tracing. Instead, game developers could use their time on focusing to bring us better average fps and better 1% lows. This big evil company claims that it's easy to implant the rtx code, but in real life, it is not. There's a fact, that there will be no big steps in raytracing until consoles have them. Nvidia is just trying to milk out everything.

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