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I have been designing and creating websites for over two years and now I'm here to offer my skills. If you happen to be in need of a website, please fill a form on the contact page.


The price depends on the website's size, updates and what features you need.

Available features

Most of the websites include HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. HTML and CSS are used to create the body of the website. JavaScript (JS) can be used to enhance the body (for example moving images, slides etc.) PHP is used to create forms, for example a contact form. Most of my clients have these features and they are just fine to use.


After the client has decided the outlook, I'm ready to start the development. On average, one website takes less than three months to be ready. This does not mean that after three months they will be published. Most of my projects have been published in just a couple of weeks.


100% of the websites I have created are hosted by OVH. I have never met any downtime. 100% happy customers including me.

I re-created merihelena.fi and published it on friday, 11.11.2016. Couple of weeks ago, merihelena.fi's host probably went bankrupt. Nevertheless, the website is working again.

A club, for Lohja orchestra, was interested in getting a website for themselves. After a short time, it was delivered.

The mental health corporation of Lohja needed an update in October. Their website was updated as they wished.

HenDaBen, of course! I needed a website for random stuff and there it is!

Ilona is my sister, and she has always wanted a website for her art. Now it is under work, and published already! Check it out.