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Hardware storage

We offer a safe and reliable storage for your hardware. From smallest chips to full builds, we have a cool, air-conditioned storage with locks. Your hardware will be in safe hands until we or you find a nice offer. By using our service, you no longer need to be in contact with buyers and you have more room for your other stuff


Our pricing system has two options. You will be able to pay per item in the storage, or by space. For example, if you had just one item 25cm x 50cm, it would be cheaper for you to have the price-per-item offer. The second option is price per storage space. In this situation the size of the storage can be decieded by you. You might want to storage your 20 items (couple of gpus, two mid-tower cases and a bag of cables) in a 100cm x 150cm storage instead of paying for storaging each of them in separate storages.

Price per item

By default, if you chose the price per item option, one item (50cm x 50cm x 50cm) is 0,99e/month. This includes a design page.

Price per storage

You are able to choose the size of the storage They also include a design page. We have:

In these options, there is a fee of 0,09e/item if you wish to get a website for them.

How to deliver

Head to the contact page! Tell us about your items, how many items you have, size, models etc. We will reply to your email as soon as possible. We hope you are able to give as much information as possible. Why? We are going to create websites for your items and all the buyers we meet are interested in these small details. Keep in mind that this is not a requirement, we are also able to do this. This step will just help you to get your items sold faster.


We cannot guarantee that your items get sold. We are just a middleman in this business helping out you. While your items are stocked in our storage, you are able to try to sell them yourself. We just hold the items, and create websites for them.


100% of the websites we have created are hosted by OVH. I have never met any downtime. 100% happy customers including me.


Click here to view the current storage. All items are listed in here!

Got interested? Head to the contact page and fill the form!