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Arcade bar!

Or maybe more like a room with loads of activities. The only reason I call it a bar was that you were able to buy and drink beer while playing different videogames :D In the Rec Room, you were able to purchase a card and load it with points that you would be able to use to play the games. You also would be able to win more points and use the points to purchase something cool from the store.

There were racing games, VR (Virtual Reality!!), classic shooting games, axe throwing, pool, hockey on a board and almost anyhing one could imagine.

Arcade bar
Arcade bar

Austin won pink goggles (which can be seen on my head in the image below. Someone actually photobombed me and if you can recognize him contact me so I can give him the credits of it xD

Arcade bar

The coolest and most neat feature in the Arcade bar was the rally game. You had a nice racing seat with a steering wheel and gas and break control for legs, and infront of you were three monitors.

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