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Back to Finland! 25.3.2017

Home sweet home! There's no place like home! Today was the day when we arrived back to Finland. So it's time to return to the normal schedule. More blogs about Canada will be published later this week, and a new image gallery will be published, too. It will contain all the blog images and also images that haven't been around yet.

None of our flights were late so everything went very well. The only negative thing was the waiting time in Calgary, for five hours. Lucky we, one of the finnish schools offered us a free meal.

PS. I miss my host family. The Dorlich's were one of the greatest families I have ever met! And their dogs were so fluffy :(

My current gaming/coding setup <3
He was so sad :(
Airport food

My roommates were already having a party when I got myself back home, lol. I bought an AMD graphics card in Canada, and saved like €180 so the installing was the first thing I did when I came home :D

At home!

During the installation, I went to sauna. It felt so good to be back in my own sauna and throw some water on the hot stones. In Canada, I really didn't have a chance to go to a sauna as they were kinda rare. I was in one sauna in Jasper, at the hotel, but throwing water on the stones was against the rules. Some finnish students still did that xD

WoW <3

There was a "gaming like" store in Canada which was shutting down its business, and they were selling their products for really low prices. There I found this World of Warcraft book. The book was made as a guide for the Warlords of Draenor expasion, so it was a little bit outdated. I really didn't care about that as it still had a lot of information that was valuable, and well, as a book it's still one of the coolest things one can collect. Almost anybody who has played World of Warcraft would want this.

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