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At the airport

On Saturday our flight took place in 7 am. Some time later we arrived to Amsterdam, where the beginning of the sh!tstorm was about to start.

First our flight was delayed by one hour. Then by another. And another.
At some point we were just joking about the delays and how soon another would be. And guess what, that actually happened xD

Car accident..
Delays <3
Yolo landing

I can't tell the actual time but around 5 pm we finally managed to get an airplane. The flight corporation was nice and they gave us each a check that was worth of 10 euro so we could grab something to eat. So we had our lunch and headed back to the airplane. The problem and the reason for delaying the flight was just simple as one broken part in the airplane. The problem was that the airplane was so new there were no spare parts nearby (nearest were in France). I slept in the hotel at Helsinki airport for like 2 or 3 hours so it made the waiting even worse. But finally we could start the 9 hour flight.

Just before the night I was supposed to be at the airport hotel, I was getting home from countryside by car and another car crashed to this car I was in. I was driving with my roommate Lettu. I had everything ready at home, so Lettu would just take be home, then to a bus stop and I would catch a bus but no. We had to stay in the middle of the forest for hours, so when we got from there back to home it was already too late. Luckily my dad was still awake so I went to see him and he took me to the airport.

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