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Who is Hen?

Hey, it's me Hen!

While you could find most about me on my about me page I could tell here something that isn't found anywhere else.

I moved from my parents to a row house with my friends Lettu and Ande. This is a real gaming house nowadays :D (a bit less than 80 square meters)

We have a sauna, a large balcony and a very own garden! Although there's nothing else in the garden than grass. I'm still studying and doing the same web design jobs as earlier, but I might move from Lohja after graduation. As you can see from the image below my mom (she paints things about sea like waves etc) gave me some paintings. (You can find more her paintings on her website.)

I got rid of my 2nd screen,
playing now only with
ASUS VK246H - LCD monitor - 24"

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