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Going to change my host family

Today I had been at Dorlich's family for three weeks. We made a plan that as I have been living near the town city, it would be a nice idea to experience life countryside. Austin's carpentry teacher Mr. Drew said that I would be able to spend couple of days at his place, and then go back to Austin's place.

More Tims
Austin and Juels
Kick the pigs

So on the day I was going to leave Austin's family, we made a plan that I, Austin, Jiina (finnish exchange student) and Jewel would go to a techonlogy park (I can't remember the name but it was like the building Heureka we have in Finland) for some time.

At the technology park there was a Angry birds :DD event going on. There was a place where guests would have to build a fort for the pigs, then others had to destroy them using the given ammo. It was neat. Also, there was a slide where you would have to sit and kick a pig off a fort. I wasn't able to try it because I was too tall, but Jewel and Jiina did give it a try.

Best restaurant in Edmonton
Teacher's dogs

After spending couple of hours at the technology park, Mr. Drew came to pick up me. Austin's mom Angie already had brought my luggages so I was ready to go and said goodbye to them. Drew had made some plans so we went to a restaurant with his parents. The name of the restaurant was Corso 32, and it was one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. I really like the food there.

Day after that, we went not bowling but play some pool. From seven games I won like 3 so I wasn't a full disappointment. The day after that he asked me if I was interested in wall climbing. That was the second time in my life I did it. It was challenging, hard, tough, and a little bit scary.

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