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Visiting schools, first week - 1.3.2017

This week from Monday to Wednesday we visited schools. First one I was in was Centre High. Centre High is the school where I will be doing my on the job learning. I can't remember all the names of the schools and in which order we visited them but we were in Jasper, M. E. Lazart and in Q. Elisabeth's?

All of the schools were so much bigger than ours in Finland. The hallway in Centre High was the most beautiful, it even has a bridge from right to left. Jasper had the longest corridors I think. We almost always ate something at each school, and it was very interesting to see what Canadians eat. In Finland school offers the food, but not in Canada. People either eat at the school restaurant or take their own food from home. I loved all the burgers and tortilla wraps and sandwiches that they were selling, so delicious! Luckily, we could choose anything and eat it. Such a nice behavior.

Party at one school
Disk fragmentation

One teacher asked us a question (I can't remember in which school) that so you are the Finns, what are you doing here? I said "We are lost" and everybody laughed xD

I was able to see one difference between Canadian and Finnish schools: they have guards there. First I was like WTF but then I just got used to it. Last time I saw a guard or a police in Finnish school was when I was on my 3rd class, years ago.

In other news, unfortunately my laptop's floppy drive went nuts. Nothing critical happened, but my hard drive just experienced a little disk fragmentation. I was (of course I was) able to fix it but it took couple of hours. I was already thinking 'oh man, a month without laptop'. Developing blog and staying tuned in to memes would have stopped right there..

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