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My Favourite bar!

This weekend we were given permission to introduce ourselves into Edmonton's nightlife. There was me (obvious), Austin, Jami and Marjo. We visited four bars in total. First one was kind of basic bar, where you can play pool, darts, and of course enjoy your beer with your friends. We couldn't play pool, because it was kind of rush hours so there were a lot of people in the bar. Also, the pool tables were reserved almost all the time and the guys who reserved them only wanted to play with bets.. A small difference in this bar was that the waiters came to you so you didn't have to line up and wait.

My favourite bar!
Omg bull :D

The second bar was more like a nightclub. There was a payment of five dollars, but as soon as you got in, you would be able to buy one beer with the ticket for free. So it was very very interesting thing to experience. Another #notinfinland thing :D. The nightclub was somewhat deserted for some reason. I think it was because of the bar on the other side of the road had some kind of special day with special prices. We were there for like half an hour until we decieded to check out the arcade bar nearby.

The third bar was a arcade bar. The amount of these gaming machines (or whatever they're called) was unbelievable! From all 90's shooting games (for example duck hunting etc.) to old racing games! This arcade bar was crowded with people and we actually got lost like two times in there.

The fourth bar was my favourite, a cowboy bar! Or that's what I call it xD. The entrance was old fashioned, and after stepping inside I felt like I would have travelled back in time. It was so nice as people had cowboy hats, cowboy boots and so on! This bar was also Austin's favourite and he really didn't believe I liked this place. Here we were finally able to play some pool. Music was mostly from countryside, but I actually started to like it too! There was also a rideable bull. It was free for women but after a little research, we found out that if we break like leg or hand, our 100K insurance would not pay it. So awws, pretty lame :(. After hour or two we got ourselves safely back home.

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