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OSRS Scam Update

Please note that this post has been updated!

I was trioing with my friend Terroristi and PvM Jezz last night. We got 2 tassys, and of course at GE this guy PvM Jezz decided to leave us before sharing the loots, causing a loss of 55m. He just said “Well I'll go to bed” and just logged out.

So if you ever think about trusting long standing friends just think about it and in this case, don’t [trust] PvM Jezz, a high level scammer, cb lvl 125. He had almost 3k bandos kills. I hope he gets banned so he wont be able to continue his scamming career. He is from Finland.

After he scammed us, I decided to do some research about him. I found out that he has borrowed hundreds of millions from his “friends” so that was not the first time he scams people.

This is the actual update.

First of all..

PvM Jezz has claimed that a foreigner has used his account during the time we did the trio Bandos trip with him. First of all, how the f*ck could a foreigner know how to speak finnish, and actually speak finnish so well he can actually use and understand the finnish slang? "The foreigner gave him almost 300m", he said #thetotalamountofscammedmoney*


He has claimed he has not scammed other people. Unfortunately this is false, and the payments of his "loans" have delayed (on purpose) dramatically.


He has claimed that none of the players cannot do PvM if one is not a lvl 126. This is so false even George Orwell rolls in his coffin. B!tch, what the actual f*ck is this son talking about? Since when has there been a requirement to do bossing? Please find the nearest shower and wash as much shame off as you can.


These threads including any of RSW, RSJ, OSRS/RS3 Forum or reddit threads will NOT be removed. The guilty could contact Hen and actually make a request.

Happy raiding, sincerely,


Hm bs can one write?
The accepted trade
Once a scammer, always a scammer

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