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My job in Canada - 10.3.2017

After I got an IT scholarship last semester, I was offered to get a chance to be an exchange student. I could not have believed that to be real. My first offer was to travel to China, and join a programming team who would introduce me to their project. But due to lack of communication, the plan was changed to do some IT things in Canada. And to be honest I really liked that decision. Not to be rude, but I just prefer that there are plants and trees around the buildings..

But first, let me..
Surface selfie

Currently I'm working as a helpdesk guy at Centre High. Centre high is like a highschool-end, a place where you prepare for college. First week as a helpdesk guy was pretty interesting. I got introduced how the school's network works, how they manage to deal with the computers, and just some small things like helping people with computers which was easy.

Centre High
New Surface Pro 4's!
Canadian keyboard

During the first week my main job was to do some documentation about the wires which go from switch to panel. There were so many panels that the job is going to continue during next week. There was a guy who had the documentation but somehow they got lost. And now the wires will be rewired in future just to clean the rooms and make it look better, but someone has to do the documentation so the correct wires go to the correct ports. I had to choose a panel, write it down, then find the first wire, write that down, check where it leads, and then finally write that down. It was challenging because there were so many wires, and I had to be careful not to disconnect any of them, as it would have led to a situation where from one computer to even a class would lose their internet connection.

Computer class!

One interesting thing was that these students had two screens in their workstations. I think that's a very important thing to have as it really helps with working on computer more efficiently as there is more space. In my school, we don't have two screens. We just usually plug in the second screen if a student happens to have a day off or something. Having the tasks on the left screen and maybe a guide next to it, then the task output on the right screen really makes it faster as you dont have to swap between windows while working on your tasks..

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